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Here's to the hare!

The hare has always been a much loved character here at Nick Hubbard Jewellery. We love its graceful lines, elegant movement and intriguing nature. The hare has made an appearance on many a piece over the years. Our ‘Running Hare’ brooch is still a firm favourite amongst our customers and our new ‘Magical Hare’ ring has been getting a similarly enthusiastic response (thank you!).


Katie, jewellery maker extraordinaire at Brick and Bean Towers, has just noticed that her trusty tools also feature the distinctive form! The very tools that have helped us create our faithful friend over the years have been carrying a hare logo all along and we’ve only just noticed.


It seems the hare is very much in vogue at the moment. It has become a striking, classic image that we can’t get enough of on our jewellery, ceramics and soft furnishings. This week I found myself buying a hand printed card and a small watercolour for my daughter’s nursery featuring this countryside favourite.

The Brick and Bean team have come to associate the image of the hare with wit and wisdom and think our trusty friend looks ever so stylish rendered in silver and gold.


‘Hare of good fortune’ brooch with Citrine, Amethyst, Peridot and Blue Agate stones with their properties linked to success, protection, healing and happiness.

We know that many of you pick Nick Hubbard jewellery featuring a hare, so what is it about this colourful character that has such enduring appeal for you?

We’d love to hear why you love the hare and what your favourite hare-related Nick Hubbard pieces are… and if you’re stuck for ideas,  here are three pieces of jewellery featuring the hare NEW to our website!