Precious Pieces, Precious Moments

An earlier blog post features a photograph from a few years ago of my sister Liz and I deep in chat. It is probably pre children when we had time to have leisurely conversations! It was a picture I hadn't looked at in some time and on seeing it again I noticed that we are both wearing some of our favourite pieces. Walking adverts for Nick Hubbard Jewellery, albeit very discreet! Liz has on her favourite charm bracelet, stackable rings,'Wish Upon' stud earrings and locket. I am wearing my 'Follow Your Heart' spinning ring and matching link bracelet and necklace. I hadn't really thought about it before but I wear this bracelet and ring everyday and have done for years. The ring doesn't leave my finger and putting the bracelet on has become part of my morning ritual. I love these beautiful pieces for their style and simplicity but also their intrinsic meaning. After years of wear, these little silver treasures have become much more than simply pieces of jewellery worn for aesthetic appeal, they have travelled with me through life's ups and downs, events and adventures. My 'Follow your Heart' ring has featured on special and momentous occasions from my graduation to my wedding day and even made it into the delivery room when I had my daughter Alice!

Recently, I've been trying to be less stuck in my ways with my jewellery wearing habits, making an effort to rotate old favourites such as my necklaces '3 Little Words', 'Little Bird Singing a Love Song' and 'My Heart Skips a Beat'. But I can't break the habit with my 'Follow Your Heart' ring and linked bracelet and I'm not sure I want to.

Since losing my wonderful father, Nick, these pieces have become so much more precious. I am sure that grief has hardened me in many ways but it has also made me more sentimental, especially when it comes to personal objects with meaning and memory that I will always have close by and hopefully pass down to my own children.

We never fail to be touched by how many of you treasure your pieces of our jewellery, acquired out of love for a particular design or to celebrate and commentate a life event. We always love hearing your stories and we'd love to hear more!

Do you have everyday pieces you can't be without? Items that make an appearance on particular occasions? Or others that are treasured keepsakes stored in a special place or kept on display?

Thank you! Philippa x

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