About Nick Hubbard Jewellery

For nearly forty years, our family-run business has been making jewellery known for its craftsmanship and story telling. Citing influences from comic art, literature, music and nature, Nick's work has led the way for fine jewellery featuring figurative detail and mechanized parts.

After graduating from Birmingham School of Jewellery in 1978, husband and wife team, Nick (the Brick) and Jean (the Bean) established their business from a small workshop in Birmingham's historic Jewellery Quarter. After working for several years as a silversmith for the trade, Nick continued his love of miniaturisation to produce his first collection in the early 1990s and so the magical world of Nick Hubbard Jewellery began! Nick's jewellery has since become highly collectible and can be easily identified as the original article by a small engraving of a 'brick and bean' on each piece.

Since losing our beloved Nick in 2013, we (the 'Brick and Bean team': wife Jean, daughters Philippa and Elizabeth and a wonderful team of talented jewellers who worked closely with Nick) have been dedicated to preserving and continuing his creative legacy.  We continue to lovingly handcraft jewellery from our workshop in Staffordshire using traditional jewellery-making methods. Working with Nick's drawings, designs and processes ensures that every piece is imbued with his distinctive style and skill that has set the standard for finely crafted, playful contemporary jewellery.

Why We Continue Without Nick

It is what we know. Nick Hubbard Jewellery has always been a family business, starting first with husband and wife jewellery duo Nick and Jean, later joined by a small team of dedicated jewellery graduates. From a young age, Nick's daughter's Philippa and Elizabeth have played a part too, from helping design new pieces to suggesting titles and producing marketing materials. And now eldest grandchildren Alice and Seb are intrigued by the work of 'Grandpa Nick' and enjoy regular visits to the workshop! The business has always been a truly family affair and Nick very much saw his loyal team as family too. He also felt great affection for the lovely galleries who helped grow his business and of course his wonderful customers who kept him creating. We continue to receive such warmth and support which is truly inspiring and in turn keeps us going.

Despite his enormous talent, Nick was forever humble. He truly was the most warm and generous person you could possibly meet and by continuing his work we hope to honour his memory while preserving his creative legacy. We lost Nick at the top of his game, when he was still making fabulous one-off or limited production pieces as well as his beautiful everyday pieces of jewellery. We are so lucky that Nick was consistently creating: he leaves an archive of ideas and designs that is an endless source of inspiration. 

Pictured (left to right): Mandy, Helen, Sebastian (baby), Lizzie, Jean (Bean), Philippa, Alice (another baby), Jenni, Katie. Since this picture was taken, the workshop has welcomed Tom and 2 more babies (Jules and Nicholas)!

Our Values: What Makes Our Jewellery Special

Working to Nick's ethos that jewellery should spread a little joy, our jewellery cherishes the past, celebrates the present and offers a little nod of hope for the future. Our pieces range from simple pendants to exquisite lockets with opening doors and layers of detail. Whether we are making a complex locket or a simple pair of studs, the same love and care goes into each piece.

Handmade using excellent materials

Every piece of jewellery is handcrafted in our Staffordshire workshop. Nick believed in producing high quality pieces from the finest materials. All of our jewellery is made from solid silver and gold (we do not use vermeil or plate), thereby making every piece an extra precious item to be treasured for many years and passed down to future generations.

Hand engraved

Our jewellery is known for its interplay between text and image. Based on Nick's fascination with language and literature, it uses words to express love, hope and affection.

All of the words on our pieces are hand engraved (as opposed to stamping or etching) in our workshop, adding to the unique character of each piece and offering opportunities for personalisation.

Handcrafted jewellery made to 'convey a feeling of warmth and affection'